FQC Construction Management

Glencoe School District 35

5-Year Multi-School Capital Upgrades Program

Frederick Quinn Corporation (FQC) was selected to provide Construction Manager services to Glencoe School District 35 for the 5-year Multi-School Capital Upgrades Program. This 5-year program consists of multiple projects at the three schools.

2018 - Geothermal HVAC Upgrade project, including new lighting and ceiling through the entire West Elementary School

2019 - Terrazzo Tile Flooring, Locker Replacement, Auditorium Renovations, and Multipurpose Room Upgrades at West and South Elementary Schools - Security Glazing Upgrades at West and South Elementary and Central Jr. High Schools - Entry Landscaping Upgrades at Central Jr. High

2020 - Board of Education Office Renovation - Multipurpose Room Upgrades at Central Jr. High School - Facade Upgrades at South School

2021-2022 - Two-story classroom addition and Geothermal HVAC Upgrade at South Elementary School

This multi-year project began in April 2018 and will be completed by 2022.

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